Why You Need Surveillance Over your Physical Assets

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When it comes to security, having a competent and able security team goes a long way but at the same time, it’s management’s responsibility to ensure that people have everything they need to succeed and run systems effectively.

Aside from surveillance, a security team is responsible for incident management and responding to theft, burglary, fights and the like. The reality is your team can’t be everywhere at once so the question becomes: how does an organization make this vast responsibility manageable?

Physical security software combines essential security tools and equipment like surveillance cameras, biometric access control systems, video analytics, intrusion detection systems, to name a few. According to Statista, the global IT security market is on the rise. Statista notes that the revenue from corporate web security market is expected to increase drastically between the period of 2016 to 2021. By 2021, the total market revenue is expected to reach US$ 4.9 billion from US$ 2.9 billion in 2016.

 What makes physical security software so appealing? Having a multi-functional security system boosts the performance of your physical security operations. Below are some of the key benefits of this type of system:

  1.    Instant Communication: physical security software consolidates the different aspects of security into one unified system, providing your team with rapid coordination via text, email, radio, and use of applications.
  2.    Digital Paper Trail: all incidents and communication can be easily accessed in the future for documentation, historical accounting, and protection against liabilities.
  3.    Standardized Operating Procedures: with a facilitating software platform, automatic notifications, automation, and determined response initiatives can be set up for a faster and efficient operating procedure.
  4.    Customized Flexibility: a software mechanism enables your security team to create custom templates, fields and the like for incident reporting and processing. A cloud-based solution with a simple interface makes a complex operation as simple as possible. A progressive physical security software platform is scalable and can easily grow to meet the needs of your growing operation.

Locking the door is well and great but it isn’t enough. Like other physical barriers, workarounds for unauthorized access is a real and daily threat so having a recording of entry and exit – both physical and digitally – creates a record of access. Strategically placed video surveillance linked to a monitoring software system can monitor the area 24/7, making sure you have eyes on critical spaces and areas.

Network security begins with physical security but can be expanded in various ways given today’s technological advancements. This is applicable in all industries from construction to IT firms. Business owners have turned to this complementary technology as it allows a security team to provide strategic, comprehensive real-time monitoring especially in critical situations which can damage a site and/or its components. Highlighting medical settings and situations where people’s lives hang in the balance, a comprehensive security software network can aid in the provision of care, support, and rescue during critical times.

This essential security management system acts as a force multiplier which helps a security team quickly detect suspicious activity and rapidly increases response execution. Give your organization and hard-working security team peace of mind knowing that all elements of your sites are adequately monitored and secured.

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