How Brivo Makes Companies Physically Secure

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Physical security is all about protecting the company’s assets, facilities, equipment, and personnel. There are a lot of risk involved in every business and organization, which is why  having a well-established physical security is very important. These risks may involve events or physical actions which can cause damage or serious loss to an institution. Such actions and events may include flood, fire, burglary, natural disasters, vandalism, theft, and terrorism.

Inadequate physical security can leave a company unprotected, which can result in millions of  losses in damages should any of the above disasters strike. However it is usually overlooked by different businesses and organizations which are likely to focus more on technical threats like malware, hacking, and cyber-espionage.


Filling the gap

Brivo is a leading company and an innovator of cloud-based physical security solutions which cater to commercial buildings. It serves over ten million customers, and provides a cloud-based and centralized security management system, such as video surveillance, access control, alarms, and differed third-party integrations. It is considered as a SaaS company, and its goal is to bring a mobile-first and convenient approach in order to secure buildings.

Brivo was established in 1999. In the year 2002, it started to introduce access controls that are cloud-based. In 2007, it introduced their XML API or application programming interface. In the year 2017, it introduced another two-door access controllers which are the ACS300 and ACS6000, in order to complement their existing products, and for the integration with the open platform, Authentic Mercury.

Protective platforms

Brivo offers different cloud solutions which had already benefited a lot of organizations. One of them is the Brivo OnAir for Android and iOS, which can extend video surveillance tools and access control to integrating door control, smartphones, credential management, and recorded and live video to a certain application.

Another is the Brivo OnAir Video, which is a component of Brivo OnAir platform which can record and stream video directly to cloud-based storage platforms with the integration of IP camera that is connected to the internet. Brivo OnAir for Government is another access control solution that is cloud-based that is used by government agencies. It also offers hardware such as expansion chassis, IP door controllers, and expansion boards. Brivo also provides on-site solutions such as Brivo OnSite and Brivo ACS OnSite.

Highlighted features

  • State-of-the-art IP tools which allow you to manage your system anywhere. Their main focus is centered on its mobile platform, that can simplify the management and set up of any system.
  • Brivo’s Mobile Pass is one of their systems which can replace the usual door reader and cards with the use of a mobile phone. Users just need to download the Brivo app, which can then communicate to the cloud-stored database.

Customer feedback

A lot of employees and customers have benefited from the platforms of Brivo because they  are very convenient and simple and  can provide additional safety features which are usually important to the standards of many companies. A lot of customers also like their Mobile Pass, because traditional credentials and door readers can already be integrated to the system, and it also provides a complete list of all the compatible hardware on the website of the company.

The data security solutions of Brivo have garnered different awards and certifications which includes the following:

  • Brivo complies with the Privacy Shield Framework of EU-US according to the U.S Department of Commerce when it comes to use, collection, and retention of personal information that is transferred from European Union to the US.
  • Cloud Security Alliance STAR Certification (Security Trust and Assurance Registry)

Brivo has become very beneficial especially with the fact that it is a web-based system. Because of all its innovations in dealing with physical securities of business and organizations, managing properties and credentials has become easier because it be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

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